Coming to a new church congregation can be a bit nerve-wrecking. We want you to feel welcome and stress-free coming to First Christian Church.

Our worship gathering typically runs 70 minutes and includes music, a prayer time, a message, a time of offering, and communion.

We have no “dress code.” If you are comfortable, we are comfortable. If you prefer to wear a suit or dress that is fine. If you prefer jeans and a t-shirt that is fine also. The important thing is that you are here.

Our worship music is blended in nature. We have several talented musicians who lead us into the presence of God through the singing of deep hymns of the faith and newer praise choruses.

Our sermon messages are Biblically based. We do not use our pulpit to promote political agendas or beg for money.

After our worship gathering you are invited to enjoy donuts and coffee and meet some of the people that make up First Christian Church.